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“I want to thank you so much for your coverage and express service - it led to an option agreement with a reputable producer, which I signed today!”

- Sara C (Screenwriter)

“You sent out my letter this morning, and I've already gotten 5 interested producers. Thank you so much!!”

- Laura E. (Screenwriter)

“Hello, just wanted to send a quick thank you email to your company. Recently got a request from a really great producer and a few management companies as well. As far as connecting screenwriters and resources on your website, you have a superior site for screenwriters. I'm really surprised at all it has to offer, it's a really great site,resource, and service--so just a quick thanks!”

- Bill E (Screenwriter)

“I used your service in mid-December for my script. While I hit the wave of "We're out-of-the-office for the holidays" replies, I did have one production company respond with a request. Levinson Productions in NYC not only liked the script, asked for only one correction (five words of dialogue)and I just signed a six month shopping agreement today. While I understand it's still a gamble; knowing a company is looking for funding is a step-up in my book. This would not have happened if I had not used your service. I'll let you know if funding comes through but until then, THANK YOU for your service and what you have done for me.”

- Sally M (Screenwriter)

“The notes you provided have been very helpful. Even though my script copped a bit of a hammering, I absolutely loved it. I've never shown it to anyone before, so I wasn't sure how I would react to a negative response. It's an extremely professional service you provide and it was exactly the spark I was looking for.”

- G.F. (Screenwriter)

“I actually optioned my first script last year using your Script Express service!”

- S.E. (Screenwriter)

“Thank you! These notes are INVALUABLE, not only for the development of my script, but also for my understanding of what coverage is, how it's done and how it's used as a tool within this industry. I really, really want to be a professional screenwriter one day. Internalizing the content of this coverage brings me one step closer.”

- James T., Los Angeles (screenwriter)

“Thank you for your awesome service. After you sent out my e-query, several weeks back, I received 2 requests for a synopsis, and 8 requests for the script. One just two days ago. But the best part, I signed with a good WGA Agent yesterday!... And I'm in Detroit! 85 bucks?! That wasn't a fee, that was a tip!”

- Melvin S., Detroit, MI (screenwriter)

“Just wanted to say that your service really delivered! I got 10 legit requests to see my script as well as two wanting the "Right to Shop" / Option. Oh, by the way, I am also getting an agent because of the offers. Well worth the lousy 85 bucks. I would recommend you guys to any writer! Then again, maybe not, I don't want too much competition.”

- Steve S., Studio City, CA. (screenwriter)

“Your readers comments and suggestions were invaluable to me. It serves to reinforce my decision to engage your services before sending it out to other industry professionals. Your readers comments were written in such a way that even when being critical (I mean this positively as this is the purpose of the service) they were being encouraging. This above all else made it a very positive experience for me as the writer. So much was learned from the development notes and coverage that it has made the rewriting of my script seem so much easier by allowing me to concentrate on the areas that need it without changing the elements that don't. As I said I found this service invaluable. ”

- Greg S., Brisbane, Australia (screenwriter)

“I can't begin to explain what your service has provided for me. The analysis by RP was dead on and exactly what I needed to hear to continue. Both the flaws in the script and my writing were pinpointed. I was truly inspired and able to make adjustments that I feel are priceless. I can't imagine spending any more time gazing at a wall while my friends tell me the work is "great." This is the kind of constructive criticism I needed to improve my craft. Thank you for providing a service of such high quality. This is money well spent. ”

- Casey R., Sherman Oaks, CA (screenwriter)

“I would like to thank you for your help on all this. I must say I have learned more about screenwriting from you than from any book or class I have taken (and you were cheaper too!). ”

- Michael R., Leesburg, VA (screenwriter)

“Please thank Rob for his time and patience with me. It turns out that I was not aware that my script contained some of the formatting errors Rob mentioned because of problems I had with my printer. My screen showed one thing and my printer gave me a different result. It wasn't until I compared Rob's listing of errors to a hard copy that I realized they were there. In fact, I had to look twice to catch the errors. It's funny how you can live with a script for so long that you can fail to see the obvious. Incidentally, I will be using Scriptware from now on to make the business of formatting easier. Thanks again. ”

- Samuel M., Maplewood, NJ (screenwriter)

“You don't know me from Adam, but all the web exposure I've had has left this sixty-year-old loose enough to zap a quick E to tell you that you did one hell of a good job on the coverage for my writer's script. I have been a producer and director for some 35 years and that was a very good bit of work you did there. He's a tough, young, talented guy who needs to hear some of the things you said, and I think you have really gotten his attention... the purpose of the exercise indeed. ”

- Pat C., USA (producer)

“Thanks for sending out my e-query, and all I can say is WOW!! After just one day I had 13 requests for the script as well as 5 additional requests for a synopsis. Your query letter was right on target to effectively reach these production companies and agents. Thanks again for your help and I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'll definitely use your service for my next screenplay. ”

- Philip L., Massachusetts (screenwriter)

“I just want to say what a phenomenal job that Rob did in analyzing my screenplay and giving me the precise details that I need to make this into a successful project. Honestly, the quality of what he did far exceeded my expectations and, well, I can only tell you that Rob's insight into my screenplay was just brilliant, and so helpful. Specifically, Rob showed me extensively how I can make this script work by developing more conflict in the second act through both characters and plot. He was sincere in his critical remarks, but also sincerely encouraging in many ways. Well, I don't have any testimonies to give yet, but I am getting good responses to the hook you helped me to develop in the query letter which you all sent out on my behalf, and I am diligently at work right now in editing my script, according to Rob's notes, before I send it off for review by prod. co's that are asking to see it. I am very pleased with this service and I just want you to know how thankful I am. I will definitely be using you in the future.”

- Michael S., Tampa, Florida. (screenwriter)

“Thank you so much for your help on my query letter and the service you provide. Your service definitely walks the walk. Since you sent out my letter yesterday I have received over twenty requests to read Familiar Ground, not too shabby. Once again my sincere thanks.”

- John N. M., Kensington, CT. (screenwriter)

“You have a great service. Last time I used [the Script Express] I received 15 requests for my script and gained representation. Most appreciated. ”

- Xavier K., Hyrum, Utah (screenwriter)

“I just wanted to say that I used your query service for a script of mine about three weeks ago, and I have since received fifteen requests to read my script...this has far exceeded my expectations and I just wanted to thank you for the great service! ”

- Alec W., Shoreline, WA. (screenwriter)

“I would like to tell you that I have had astounding success with your e-query service. I have had 29 requests for my script (including ICM and UTA) in two business days, and six companies have said that they could help with financing! You truly provide an indispensable service to writers.”

- Daniel S., Elizabethtown, KY. (screenwriter)

“You are so helpful and efficient! I wish all my days were like dealing with people like you!”

- Estele D., Australia (screenwriter)

“Just wanted to say that your Script Express service is great! The day after my query was sent out I recieved nine positive mails from people who wanted to see my script. I haven't got that much attention before. Keep up the good work!”

- Hans J., Sweden (screenwriter)

“I cannot praise your service enough. I subscribed to your Script Express service and after one day, received dozens of responses and six requests to read my screenplay from literary management companies and film production companies. Wow! ”

- Mark T., Seal Beach, CA. (screenwriter)

“I just finished writing "Blue Thunder" three days ago, and after putting my Synopsis on your site, I received 18 requests for the script. Nice going, guys!”

- Jim R., Copper Mountain, CO (screenwriter)

“From one of the e-queries you sent out for me, I got a manager. I met with her in LA last week and signed a contract this morning. Thanks!”

- Jack B., Slinger, WI (screenwriter)

“WOW! It's only 11am and I've already gotten 6 requests to read my script and 2 requests for treatments. YOUR SERVICE ROCKS!!!”

- Bergen W., LA (screenwriter)

“After your emails went out, several producers asked to see my scripts. Candy Heart Productions has optioned The Last Single Woman in NYC. Nice doing biz with you.”

- Lorraine M., NY (screenwriter)

“Am I ever glad I decided to get that second coverage done. Your reader's report is phenomenal! Please give your reader my thanks! The professionalism they exhibit is truly inspirational. ”

- Don M., Calgary, Canada (screenwriter)

“Thank you for your timely and comprehensive critique of my treatment material. I'm really glad I sent it to you in this (raw) form, as your analysis was very revealing to me as to how the material ought to be pitched.”

- Richard H., Austria (screenwriter)

“I want to again thank you for your services, professionalism and courtesy. I will certainly submit my next script to you guys for coverage! ”

- Katrina R., DeRidder, LA (screenwriter)

“This is our first screenplay and we needed exactly what you gave us. This is some of the best money we've spent.”

- Ed & Clara R., NC (screenwriters)

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your help in writing my query letter for my screenplay. It was sent out perhaps 12 hours ago, and I already have ten requests for the screenplay, which is very exciting. Thanks again for your help, and I look forward to doing a LOT of business with you in the future.”

- Clinton M., Branson, MO (screenwriter)

“I just thought that you'd like to know that on this the FIRST day on the e-query you've forwarded on my behalf, I already have 12 requests for my scripts. That's just up until this point. All this time in which I was laboring faxing and hunting down contacts, I've equalled my output with a few clicks. The requests just keep coming. Best $75 I ever spent and I'll tell anyone who asks. Major production companies, major producers and major agencies so far. Simply outstanding.”

- Morris O., Studio City, CA (screenwriter)

“Just a note to tell you how fantastic ScriptExpress is. My last query generated 25 script requests, including major agencies and producers. Thanks for a wonderful service.”

- Wayne J., Edina, MN (screenwriter)

“Thanks now I have to spend all day SENDING OUT MY SCREENPLAY to Agents and Producers!!!! So far I have more than 10 requests from very legit, well connected Agents and Producers!! And my query was sent out late Friday! No serious screenwriter should miss out on this opportunity!! What a great service to screenwriters! Thank-you! ”

- Chuck D., Stratford, CT (screenwriter)

“Thus far, in just one day, I had 18 requests for my script. It was easily worth the $75 fee which I gleefully paid So You Wanna Sell A Script.”

- Edwin H., San Francisco, CA (screenwriter)

“I had several requests for my script, one of them from a company at Universal City. Thanks so much for your time and effort you put into the e-query letter - I think that made all the difference!”

- Ian C., Australia (screenwriter)

“I have received many requests to read my script. Wow! You guys at So You Wanna rock the most. I am very grateful for your Script Express service. I hope to use it again for the many more scripts I am writing.”

- R.B., Port Orchard, WA (screenwriter)

“I want to say thank you for the report and all the helpful comments! Please let your story analyst know that I know what to try to do next! This is my very first time around with an attempt to write a spec script. I have no education, writing experience or 'knowledge". Just a story idea and a couple of spec script books. The advice I got from using your Coverage Service was just the thing I needed to understand what to develop in my script. Thank you so much.”

- Nina G., Herndon, VA (screenwriter)

“Your Script Express e-mail query service has become my secret weapon in reaching producers and agents/managers. A combined 33 scripts have been requested thus far for the two query mailouts, by legitimate and quality companies! As soon as I come up for air, I look forward to using your service again. Thank you so much for delivering and being terrific!”

- Susan H., Los Angeles, CA (screenwriter)

“I signed up for the Script Express service and I ended up getting 36 requests for my screenplay from producers, production companies, agents and three studios! Thank you.”

- Thomas Stevenson, Los Angeles, CA (screenwriter)

“Great advice, great service, what more can I say. I wish I had found you ages ago. Thank you.”

- Ian R., Los Angeles, CA (screenwriter)

“Thank you for the coverage. I hadn't used this service before, but I'll definitely use it again. Your reader made some excellent comments and I'd like you to thank them for me - very insightful”

- Lyncca H., Dallas, TX (screenwriter)

“I can't believe that you offer so much free stuff, you really seem to care about writers and the difficult process of writing a screenplay. I'm recommending you to everyone.”

- Adam S., Los Angeles, CA (screenwriter)

“You've been so kind and helpful, it's nice to have somewhere to hang out and chat. I can't believe all the good advice you have and it's all free!”

- Chris B., Riverside, CA (screenwriter)

“Received the development notes today and at last I can see where my story problems are and how to fix them. It's like having a professional right beside you! Keep up the good work.”

- Pat Y., Fairfax, VA (screenwriter)

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out with so many questions. I didn't know where else to go and you guys didn't rest until I was completely happy.”

- Carys T., London, UK (screenwriter)

“I've dipped my toe in the pool of the writer's internet and now I know it's warm enough I'm going for a swim. Thanks for making it easier.”

- Juris S., Chicago, IL (screenwriter)

“The notes are great and I can't wait to get started on a re-write. Watch out Spielberg, I've got your next film right here.”

- Dan B., New York, NY (screenwriter)

“At last, somewhere where the info is up to date and relevant. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on links on other sites to discover they don't work or are out of date. Thanks for not wasting my time. I'm checking out your coverage today and I'll let you know what I think.”

- Richard T., Los Angeles, CA (screenwriter)

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