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Sally McGillis optioned her screenplay to Levinson Productions using our Script Express service!

Sylvia Heath optioned her work to a mid-level production company using our Script Express service!

Steve Einhorn optioned his screenplay using our Script Express service!

Steve Einhorn optioned his screenplay using our Script Express service!

Sheri Davenport optioned her screenplay using our Script Express service!

Billie Brannock signed a writing contract with Radiant Pictures after using our Script Express service!

Anne Winter signed for representation with Diane McGee at BiCoastal Talent as a result of using our Script Express service.

Gary Martinis signed a contract with a management company, DuJour Entertainment, as a result of using our Script Express service.

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in sending out a query for "Jimmy in a Bottle." I received your query service as a part of a screenwriting competition prize package, and I want you to know that you have been the best part of the prize by far. We optioned the script to a great producer and signed with the Jim Preminger Agency as a result of the mass email. Thank you again, and keep up the great work! Sincerely, Steve Harper

Melvin Smith optioned his action/thriller script "Flick" to The Berzon Agency and has this to say. "Thank you for your awesome service. I signed with a good WGA Agent yesterday and I'm in Detroit! 85 bucks?! That wasn't a fee, that was a tip!"

Marcus Bryan Associates picked up rights to the romantic comedy "Love On Earth", pitched to them by New York writer, M.D. through our service.

Jeff Wong optioned his script, White Knight, to Radiant after using our Script Express service. Jeff also used our Coverage and Story Development Notes service, where we discovered that he is an excellent writer with an extremely promising future.

Paul Lawrence optioned his script through our Script Express service and has this to say. "I just wanted to write and let you guys know how happy I was with your e-mail script marketing program. I am excited to let you know that as a result of using your service I was able to option a script to a well connected production company that I adapted from a novel. Even though I am a produced writer with a feature film produced by a major film producer I still find your service a highly effective way to reach a great many legitimate producers. Keep up the good work!"

Ian Coburn gained representation with MichGayle Entertainment after using our Script Express service. Ian's script "Amber Alert" - a suspense thriller full of mystery and drama - also won the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute's August Competition.

Tim Spector gained representation with a literary agency from using our Script Express service.

Xavier Keough gained representation with the Lee Shore Company from using our Script Express service.

Ian Parker gained representation with a literary management company from using our Script Express service.

Damon Brown optioned his screenplay Turn of the Tide to a major on-lot production company.

Jack Bennett signed with Alexia Melocchi at Little Studio Films Management and Consulting after pitching his screenplay Nikki Black - The Foreshadower.

Lorraine Duffy Merkl optioned her screenplay, The Last Single Woman in NYC to Candy Heart Productions.

Rob Kesler of Coliseum Pictures optioned the script Thorpe by James McGowan. Thorpe tells the true life story of Jim Thorpe, a Native American athlete, who not only won Olympic gold medals, but made sporting history.

Nick Souza optioned his screenplay Diamond Kings to Tailfish Productions, whose credits include Darkness Falls and Circus.

Susan Howe, a prolific upcoming writer, developed a relationship with the award winning The Late Bloomer Company, through her association with our network, and has since given them an exclusive to her screenplay, The Mean Prairie (aka The Broken Places).

James McLean gained representation with Mission Management, a literary management company that has featured prominently in the trades, setting up projects with Dreamworks, Fox Searchlight, Dimension, and Revolution Studios.

Frank Crawford-Herman optioned his screenplay Trixie Seymour: The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes to Mitchell Galin of On The Lam Productions, whose credits include Dune, The Langoliers and The Stand. Although Frank had previously submitted his script to On The Lam, it took his Script Express query to make them read it.

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