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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY is committed to helping you all the way. From getting your ideas down on paper to pushing open the doors of Hollywood and getting that screenplay sale and/or representation. It's a long road, but you're already here so let's start making it happen.

We offer services that will prove to be a real investment in your screenplay, but if you're not ready you can still hang out and take advantage of all of our writers resources.

Script Express

Script Express is the fastest and most comprehensive e-query service for writers - your screenplay pitch could be making the rounds in Hollywood the very next morning - it's that fast.

An e-query is a lot like a query letter, except of course it's sent by e-mail and is generally far more concise and dynamic in its content. A lot of industry professionals like e-queries, because they are quick, easy to respond to and don't take up a lot of valuable time. In fact, Hollywood has become more switched on to the idea of e-queries and now new screenplays and writers are being discovered every day.

Script Express will take your query and express it into the direct e-mail inboxes of 6,128 (current total) industry professionals, comprising studios, production companies and independent producers, plus 3,623 (current total) agents and managers. No other e-query service comes close. Your e-query does not look like a mass e-mail and all responses are directed to your own e-mail inbox.

Every e-query is personally handled to ensure that your e-query looks professional.

Need some help preparing your query letter? For an additional $50, we'll prepare an effective query letter for your work that can be used for industry submissions. Just signup for our Query Editing Service when purchasing the Script Express service.

Order the Script Express service and you'll also receive a free six month subscription to our Writer's Rolodex, which allows you to research and manage your contacts and submissions!

Click here for a sample e-query letter (in Adobe Acrobat Format).

Currently submitting to the following companies:

Natural Selection; Worldview Entertainment; @Radical Media; 1 Management; 100 Percent Film & Television; 100 to1 Productions (Keegan Wilcox); 100% Entertainment; 100% Terry Cloth; 100% Terrycloth; 100M Films; 1019 Entertainment; 108 Media; 10th Hole Productions; 12 Forward Entertainment; 120DB Films; 1821 Media; 1821 Pictures; 1837 Productions; 19 Entertainment, Ltd.; 1st Miracle Pictures; 20th Century Fox; 20th Century Fox Japan; 21 Laps Entertainment; 21st Century Fox; 24k Black Films, LLC; 25/7 Productions; 26 Films; 2929 Productions; 2B Pictures; 2nd Generation Films; 2nd Life Film Production; 2S Films; 2TheSky Entertainment; 2WayTraffic; 3 Arts Entertainment; 3 Arts Entertainment, Inc.; 3 Ball Entertainment; 3 R Entertainment Group; 3 Stonehouse Crescent; 3:59; 3210 Films (Bennett Davlin, Jesse Newhouse, Anthony Badalucco); 33 Pictures; 3311 Productions; 33andOut Productions; 33AndOut Proudctions; 369 Productions; 3ality Digital Entertainment; 3am Pictures; 3DGenTech Productions; 3GZ Productions; 3N1 Entertainment; 4 Visions; 408 Films; 42; 44 Blue Productions, Inc.; 4th Row Films; 5 Nen D Gumi; 51 Minds Entertainment; 57th & Irving Productions; 59 Management; 59th Street Films; 5th Quarter Productions; 6 Degree Media; 6 Pictures; 7&7 Producers Sales; 72 Productions; 72nd Productions; 777 Group, Ltd.; 7Ate9 Entertainment; 7Gorillas; 7Ponies Productions; 7th Floor, The; 821 Entertainment Group; 8790 Pictures, Inc.; 8th Wonder Entertainment; 9 Story Media Group; 9.14 Pictures; 900 Films; 90210 Talent Agency; 928 Talent Management; A Band Apart; A Band Apart (Quentin Tarantino); A Bird's Eye Productions; A Management; A Picture Of You; A Snowball's Chance; A Superior Breed of Wannabees; A&E Network; A. Smith & Company Productions; A.C. Lyles Productions, Inc.; A.D.S. Management; A.L. Films, LLC; A2 Entertainment Group; A71 Productions; Aardman Animations; Aardwolf Entertainment; Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency; Abandon Pictures; Abandon Pictures, Inc.; Abbolita Productions; Abby Grey Productions; Abby Lou Entertainment; ABC Family; ABC Management Group; ABC Studios; Aberration Films; Abominable Pictures; About Entertainment; Abramorama; Abrams Artists Agency; Abrams Artists Agency (LA); Abrams Artists Agency (NY); Absolute Productions; Acappella Pictures; Accelerate Entertainment; Accelerated Entertainment; Accelerator Films; Access; Accidental Media; Aciem Studios; ACM Talent; Acort International; Across The Board Talent Agency; Act 4 Entertainment; Act III Productions; Act III Productions (Norman Lear); Act One Talent; Action; Action American Entertainment; Action!!! Entertainment; Actium Pictures; Active Cine Club; Active Entertainment; Actors Group, The; Actual Reality Pictures; Acuna Entertainment; Ad Hominem Enterprises; ADA Management Group; Adam Fields Productions; Adam Frankel Productions; Adam Kline Productions; Adaptive Studios; Aditi Pictures; Adult Swim; Adventures In Film; Advocate Pictures; AEC Studios; Aegis Film Group; AEI-Atchity Entertainment International, Inc.; AeonTalent; Aerial Focus Productions; Aesop Entertainment; Affiliated Entertainment; Affinity Artists Agency; Affinity Entertainment; Affinity Films International; Affinity Models & Talent Agency; Affirm Films; Affirmative Entertainment; Affirmative Entertainment & Productions; Affrime Productions, Mindy; A-Films; After Dark Films; After Dark Films & Autonomous Films; Afterburner Films, Inc.; Agamemnon Films; AGAPE Productions; Agency For The Performing Arts; Agency Group Ltd., The (LA); Agency Group Ltd., The (NY); Agung; Ahimsa Media; Ahrens Productions, Robert; aid+abet; AI-Film; Aimee Entertainment Agency; AimImage Productions; Aircraft Pictures; Airmont Pictures; AJI Productions; AK Management; AK Waters Productions; AKA Talent Agency; Akaya Films; Akil Productions; Al Jazeera America; Al Roker Productions; Alameda Films; Alan Barnette Productions; Alan David Management; Alan Gasmer & Friends; Alan Sacks Productions; Alan Siegel Entertainment; Alchemy Bros.; Alchemy Entertainment; Alcina Pictures; Alcon Entertainment; Alcove Entertainment; Alex Rose Productions, Inc.; Alexander Content; Alfa-Film Enterprises; Alghanim Entertainment; Alianza Films International, Ltd.; Aligned Entertainment; A-Line Pictures; A-List Feature Films; Alive Entertainment; Alkemy-X; All That Entertainment Management; All3Media; Allan McKeown Presents; Allegiance Theater, The; Allen Edelman Management; Allen Entertainment; Allen Morris Productions; Allentown Productions; Alliance Cinema Entertainment; Allied Stars; Alloy Entertainment; Almond Talent Agency; Aloe Entertainment; Alonestar Films; Aloris Entertainment; Aloupis Productions; Alpern Group, The; Alpha Centauri Management; Alpha Omega Artists Management; Alphaville; Alternative Studio; Altitude Film Entertainment; Alturas Films; AM Productions & Management; AM Productions & Management (Ann-Margaret); Amadeus Pictures; Amalgamation Pictures; A-Mark Entertainment; Amaro Films; Amazon Studios; Ambassador Entertainment; Amber Entertainment; Amber Pictures Ltd; Ambitious Entertainment; Ambush Entertainment; Amen Ra Films; American Blackguard, Inc.; American Cinema International; American Family Studios; American Film Company, The; American Film Partners; American Film Productions; American Genre Film Archive; American Mutoscope and Biograph Co.; American Program Bureau; American United Entertainment; American Work Inc.; American World Pictures; American Zoetrope (Francis Coppola); Amicus Entertainment Limited; Amphion Productions; AMS Pictures; Amsel, Eisenstadt , Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency (AEFH); AmVic Entertainment; Amy Robinson Productions; An Olive Branch Productions; Anagram Pictures Inc. ; Anchor Bay Films; Andell Entertainment; Andrea Simon Entertainment; Andrew Lauren Productions; Andrew Solt Productions; Angel City Talent; Angel Productions; Angel/Brown Productions; AngelBaby Productions; Angeles Pictures Inc.; Angry Badger Pictures; Angry Dragon Entertainment; Angry Films, Inc.; Angry Otter Productions; Angst Productions; Aniboom; Anima Sola Productions; Animal Kingdom; Animal Planet; AniManagement; Animax Entertainment, Inc.; Anime International Company; Animus Films; Ann Elmo Agency, Inc.; Annapurna Pictures; Anne Carlucci Productions; Annette Van Duren Agency; Anomaly Entertainment; Anomaly Productions; Anonymous Content ; Anonymous Content (LA); Anonymous Creators Productions; Another Diversion; Antagonist Pictures; Anthem Entertainment; Anthem Pictures; Anthony & Associates; Antidote Films; Antidote International Films, Inc.; Antrim Street Entertainment; AOI Promotion; Apache Co.; Aperture Entertainment; Apex Entertainment; Apis Films; Apollo Cinema; Apollo Productions; Apostle; Apothecary Films; Appaloosa Pictures; Apparatus; Appian Way; Apple Cart Productions; AppleCreek Productions; Appledown Films Inc.; Appleseed Entertainment; Appleseed Entertainment, LLC; April Mills Entertainment; April Productions, Inc.; Aqua Talent Agency; Aquamotion Film and TV; Aquarium Studios; Arc Productions; Arcady Bay Entertainment, LLC; Arcane Pictures; Archer Entertainment; Archer Gray; Archer King, Ltd; Archer's Mark; Archery Pictures; Archetype; Arclight Films; Arclight Productions; Arctic Pictures Limited; Arden Entertainment; Ardustry Entertainment; Aremco Productions; Arenas Entertainment; Argo Pictures; ArieScope Pictures; Aristar Entertainment; Arjay Entertainment; Arkwatch Holdings LLC; Arlook Group, The; Armada Pictures; Armagh Films, Inc.; Armory Films; Array; Arrival Pictures; Arrow Films International; Arrowstorm Entertainment; ARS Nova; Arsenal Pictures; Art 7 Films; Art/Work Entertainment; Art4Noise; Artemis Films; Artemisia Productions; Artfire Films; Arthouse Films; Article 19 Films; Artifact Studios; Artificial Eye; Artist International; Artist Management; Artist Rights Group (ARG); Artist View Entertainment; Artistic Endeavors; Artists Consortium Management; Artists Group, East Inc., The; Artists International; Artists Literary Group; Artists Management Network; Artists Only Management; Artists Partnership, The; Artists Studio; Artists, Inc.; Arts and Letters Management; Arts+Labor; Artsploitation; Ascendant Pictures; Asgaard Entertainment; Ash & D Co.; Asia Press International; Aspire Talent Management; Assembly Entertainment; Assyu Japan Co.; Asylum Entertainment; Asylum, The; At Ease Entertainment; At The Helm Productions; A-Team; Atlantic & Pacific Pictures; Atlantic Pictures; Atlantic Streamline; Atlantic Swiss Productions; Atlas 2 Productions; Atlas Entertainment; Atlas Media Corporation; Atman Entertainment; Atmosphere Entertainment MM, LLC; Atmosphere Pictures; ATO Pictures; Atom Factory; Atomic Cartoons, Inc.; Atomic Entertainment; Atomic Features; Attaboy Films; Attic Light Films; Au Courant; AU Films; Audacity Innovative; Audax Films; Authentic Entertainment; Authentic Management Productions; Authentic Talent and Literary Management; Automatic Entertainment; Automatic Pictures; Autonomy ; AV1 Productions; Avalanche! Entertainment; Avalon Management; Avalon Television, Inc (UK); Avalon Television, Inc.; Avenue Pictures; Avery Management; Aviation Cinemas; Avila Entertainment; Aware Films; AwesomenessTV; Awesometown Entertainment; aWounded Knee Independent Films; Axelson-Weintraub Productions; Axial Entertainment; Axiom Films; AXN; Axon Entertainment; Azro Media; B Good Picture Company; Baby Cow Productions, Ltd.; Babyhead Productions, Inc.; BAC Talent; Bach Enterprises; Back Home Pictures; Back Roads Entertainment; Bad Hat Harry Productions (Bryan Singer); Bad Robot; Badham Company, The; Baer Animation Company; Baker Entertainment, David; Bakula Productions; Bakula Productions, Inc. (Scott Bakula); Balagan Productions; Baldwin Entertainment; Baldwin Entertainment Group; Baldwin Entertainment Group (Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin); Ballistic Media Group; Ballyhoo, Inc.; Baltimore Pictures, Inc.; Bamboo Forest Group; Bamboo Management; Banana Films; Bandito Brothers; Bandwagon Entertainment; Bang Zoom! Entertainment; Bankable Productions; Banner Caswell Productions; Banner NY; Barbara Lieberman Productions; Barcelona Films; Barnet Bain Films; Barnholtz Entertainment; Barnstorm Films; Barry Bookin Management; Barry Films; Barry Katz Entertainment; Barry Krost Management; Barry Perelman Agency; Barshop, Candee; Barwood Films; Base Productions; Basra Entertainment; Bat Hat Harry Productions; Bates Motel; Baudelaire Corp.; Bauer Company, The; Bauer Martinez International; Baumgarten Management & Production, Inc. (BMP); Bay Films; Bay Films (Michael Bay); Bayonne Enterainment; Bazelevs Productions; Bazmark, Inq.; BBC Films; BBC Worldwide Productions; BBC Worldwide Productions (NY); BBK Productions; BCDF Pictures; BCII; BDE Entertainment; Be Good Productions; Beachside Films; Beacon; Bearsmouth Entertainment; Beck Productions; Becker Entertainment Group; Becsey, Wisdom, Kalajian; Bedford Falls Company, The; Bedlam Productions; Bedouin Features LLC; Bee Free Productions; Bee Holder Productions; Beech Hill Films; Before The Door Pictures; Behold Motion Pictures; Bel Films; Believe Entertainment; Bella Luce Productions; Belladonna Productions; Belladuo Entertainment; Belltower; Bellum Entertainment; Beloved Pictures; Belvedere Film; Benaroya Pictures; Benderspink; Benetone Hillin Entertainment; Bensky Entertainment; Bento Box Entertainment; Berk/Lane Entertainment; Berkeley Square Films Limited; Berman, Boals & Flynn, Inc.; Bermanbraun; Bernero Productions; Beth Bohn Management, Inc.; Beth Grossbard Productions; Bethel Agency, The; Bette Smith Management ; Bettina Productions, Ltd.; Beverly Grant Associates (BGA); Beverly Hills International Talent Agency; Beyond Dreams Productions; Bicoastal Talent; Bicoastal Talent & Literary; Bierlein Entertainment; Bifrost Pictures; Big Beach; Big Belli; Big Event Pictures; Big Fish Entertainment; Big Foot Entertainment; Big Frame; Big Green Machine; Big Indie Pictures; Big Kid Pictures; Big Light Productions; Big Picture Studios; Big Pita Lil Pita Productions; Big Screen Entertainment Group; Big Star Pictures; Big Talk Productions; Big Vision Entertainment; Bigel Entertainment; Bigger Boat, A; Bill and Ben Productions; Bill Melendez Productions; Billett Productions, Stu; Binder & Associates; Bio-Tide Films; Birch Tree Entertainment; Biscayne Pictures; Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment; Bix Pix Entertainment; Bizazz Media; BKGTH Productions; Black & Blue Films; Black Bear Pictures; Black Bull Media; Black Castle Productions; Black Cloud Motion Pictures; Black Sheep Entertainment; Blackfin; Blackheart Management; Blacklight; Blackstone Artists Management; Blackthorn Pictures; Blain & Associates; Blair Silver & Company; Blank Paige Productions; Blast! Films; Bleiberg Entertainment; Bliss Media; Blkneon; Blondie Girl Productions; Blood Moon Productions; Bloomfields Welch Management; Blossom Films; Blow Up Pictures; BLT Productions; BLT Productions Ltd.; Blu Nile Films; Blue Collar Productions; Blue Horizon International; Blue Print Pictures; Blue Rider Pictures; Blue Sky Studios; Blue Star Entertainment; Blue Stone Productions; Blue Three Productions; BlueArc Animation ; Bluefish Talent; Blueprint Entertainment (LA); Blueprint Entertainment (Toronto); Blueprint Pictures; BlueSky Movies; Bluewater Ranch Entertainment; Blumford Enterprises; Blumhouse Productions; Blur Studio; Blurbmen Productions; Boat Angel / Car Angel; Bob Sticks Worldwide; Bobbcat FIlms; Bobbe Siegel Literary Agency; Bogner Entertainment; Bogner Entertainment, Inc.; Bohemia Group; Bohemian Pictures; Bohrman Agency, The; Boies/Schiller Film Group; Boku Films; Bold Films; Bond360; Boneyard Entertainment; Bonne Pioche Productions; Bonnie Black Talent & Literary Agency; Bonnie Bruckheimer Productions; Bonny Dore Productions; Bontrager Twins Productions; Book Deals, Inc.; Borderline Amazing Productions; Borderline Films; Borg; Bottlecap Productions; Boulder Creek International; Boulder Light Pictures; Boulevard Pictures; Boundless Pictures; Bow and Arrow Entertainment; Boxing Cat Films (Tim Allen); Boxx Communications, LLC; Boy Wonder Productions; Boz Productions; Brad Lachman Productions; Brad Waisbren Enterprises; Brad Wyman Productions; Bradford Enterprises & Gemmy Productions; Brady, Brannon & Rich Talent; Braga Productions; Brain Damage Films; BrainBOW; Brainstorm Media; Brainwave Film Group; Brancato/Salke Productions; Branded Films; Brandi Brothers Productions; Branding Avatar; Brant Rose Agency, The; Braun Entertainment Group, Inc; Braven Films; Braverman Productions, Inc.; Bray Entertainment; Breaking Glass Pictures; Breakthrough Entertainment; Breath; Bregman Productions; Bret Adams, Ltd.; Brian Lutz Management; Bridge Falls Entertainment; Bridgehead; Bridgeman Rock; Bridget Johnson Films; Bridgit Folman Film Gang; Bright Alliance Media; Brightlight Pictures, Inc.; Brilliant Talent Management; Brillstein Entertainment Partners; Brink Films, Inc.; Bristol Cities; Bristow Global Media; British Lion Film Corporation; Broad Green Pictures; Broadway Pictures; Broadway Video; Brogan Agency, The; Broken Camera Productions; Broken Lizard Industries; Broken Road Productions; Broken Silence; Broken Wings Films; Bron Media Corp.; Brooklyn Films; Brooklyn Media; Brookside Artist Management; Brookwell McNamara Entertainment; Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, Inc.; Brothers Dowdle Productions; Brown Eyed Boy; Brown Leader Management Group; Brownstone Entertainment; BRS/Gage Talent Agency; Bruce Brown Management; Brucks Entertainment; Brustein Entertainment; BS Productions; Bubble Factory, The; Buck Productions; Buenos Aires Features / Peluca Films; Buffalo 8 Productions; Buffalo Gal Pictures, Inc.; Buffalo Jump Productions; Bullet Films; Bumber Shoot Entertainment; Bumbershoot Entertainment; Bungalow 78 Productions; Bunim/Murray Productions; Bureau, The; Burleigh Filmworks; Burning Sky Films; Burnside Entertainment, Inc.; Burnt Pictures; Burrud Productions; Burstein Company, The; Bushiroad; BWH Agency; By Hand Media; C To The B Productions; C Word Productions; C/W Productions; C3 Entertainment, Inc.; Cabin Creek Films; Cactus Pudding Productions; Cactus Three; Cahoots Productions; Calamity Films; Caldera/De Fanti Entertainment; Caliber Media Co.; Caliber Talent Management; California Artists Agency; Calla Productions; Callahan Filmworks; Cambridge Literary Associates, Inc.; Camden Pictures; Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc.; Camelot Pictures; Camera Speeds; Camp Motion Pictures; Canada Film Capital; Canary Films; Candescent Films; Candlelight Media Group; Candleridge Entertainment; Candy Entertainment, Inc.; Candy Heart Productions; Cannell Studios; Canton Theatrical; Capacity Pictures; Capital Arts Entertainment; Capital Films; Capitol Pictures; Capri Films; Captivate Entertainment; Capture; Captures Entertainment; Carascope Productions, Inc.; Cardinal XD; Career Artist Management; Careyes Entertainment; Cargo Entertainment; Carlyle Productions & Management; Carnaby International; Carnival Film & Television Ltd.; Carry Company, The; Carson Signature Films; Carson Signature Films, Inc.; Cartoon Network; Caruso Visual Productions; Caruso/Mendelsohn Productions; Cary Hoffman Management; Cary Kozlov Literary Representation; Caryn Mandaback Productions; Casarotto Ramsay & Associates; Casey Silver Productions; Cassadaga Film Production; Castiglia Literary Agency; Casting Unlimited & Management; Castle Hill Enterprises; Castle Rock Entertainment; Castlebright Studios; Cat Hollow Films; Cataland Films; Catapult Films; Catapult Management; Category 5 Entertainment; Cates/Doty Productions; Catfish Studios; Cathedral Entertainment; Cattleya; Cavaleri & Associates; Cave Painting Pictures; Caveman Films; Caviar LA; CAVU Pictures; CBS Entertainment; CBS Films; CBS Television Studios; CCI Entertainment; Cecchi Gori Pictures; Cecchi Gori Productions; Cedar Grove Agency Entertainment; Celador Films; Celebrities Plus Inc.; Celebrities Plus, Inc.; Centropolis Entertainment; Centropolis Entertainment (Roland Emmerich); CEO Creative Entertainment; Cess Silvera Muvees; CFunk Productions; CG Productions; Chad Snopek Management; Chaiken Films; Chako Film Company; Champion Entertainment; Chanticleer Films; Characters Talent Agency, The; Characters, The; Charisma Group; Charles Rapp Enterprises, Inc.; Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency, The; Charlotte Street Films; Chartoff Productions; Chase Film Company; Chasin Agency, The; Cheatham, Greene & Company; Cheerland Film Group; Cheeseburger Films, Inc.; Cheng Caplan Company; Cheri Ingram Enterprises; Chernin Entertainment; Cherry Sky Films; Chesler/Perlmutter Productions; Chesterfield Film Company, The; Chestnut Ridge Productions; Chiaramonte Films, Inc.; Chiaroscuro Productions; Chic Productions; ChicagoFims; chickflicks; Chill Films; Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.; Chi-Town Films; Chockstone Pictures; Chris/Rose Productions; Christiano Film Group; Christoper R. Coppola Productions; Chrome Artists Management; Chromosome22 Films; Chuck Fries Productions, Inc.; Cilibrasi & Associates, Inc.; CIMA Productions, Inc.; Cindy Cowan Entertainment, Inc.; Cine Mosaic; Cine Paris; Cine/Lit; Cinearte; Cineaste Group; Cinedigm; Cinegroupe; Cinelou Films; Cinema Epoch; Cinema Investment; Cinema Libre Studio; Cinema Parisien; Cinema Revival, Inc. (Scott William Alvarez, David W. Johnson); Cinema Tex; Cinemagic Entertainment; Cinemalogical; Cinemantics LLC; Cinemastreet, LLC; Cinematek Film & Television; Cinepro Pictures International; Cinequest Mavericks Studio; Cinereach; Cinergi; CineSon Productions; Cinetel Films; Cinetic Management; Cinetic Media; Cineview Productions; Cineville/Keystone Studios; Cinnamon Productions, Inc.; Cinterra Pictures; Cipher Films; Circa Film; Circle of Confusion; Circle of Friends Productions; Circus Road Films; Citizen Skull Productions; City Lights Media Group; City Lights Pictures; Civilian Pictures; Clarendon Entertainment; Clarity Pictures, LLC; Clarius Capital Group; Clark Management Company; Class of 79 Productions; Claymore, Inc.; Clear Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Clear Scope Media; Clear Slate Films; Clear Talent Group; Clearview Productions; Clock Tower Productions; Cloud 9 Media Group; Cloud Nine Pictures; Cloud Productions/The Olen Company; Cloudy Sky Films; CMA Entertainment; CMI Entertainment; Coach House Studios; Coalition Films; Coalition Group; Coast To Coast Talent Group, Inc.; Coastal Entertainment Productions; Cobblestone Films; Cocoon; Code 3 Films; Code Entertainment; Code Film Inc.; Codeblack Entertainment; Cogito Works; Cohen Media Group; Cohen Pictures; Coin Film; Cold Iron Pictures; Cole Schotz Meisel Forman & Leonard PA; Coliseum Pictures Corporation; Coll-Abbitt Productions; Collaborative Artists; Collective, The; Colleen Camp Productions; Colomby Films; Color Bird Inc.; Color Force; Color of Love Production; Colossal Entertainment; Colours TV Network; Colucci Films; Columbia Artists Management, Inc.; Columbia Artists Management, LLC; Columbia Pictures; Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group; Come Aboard Productions; Comedy Central; Comedy Central (LA); Comedy Central (NY); Comerica Entertainment Group; Comet Pictures; Committed Artists Entertainment; Common Ground Productions; Commonwealth Film Manufacturing; Commonwealth Talent Group; Companion Pictures; Company 3; Company Name; Company Pictures; Compass Entertainment; Compass Films; Completion Films; Complex Films; Con, The; Concept Entertainment; Concorde-New Horizons; Concrete Entertainment; Conglomerate Media; Connection III Entertainment Corp; Connection III Entertainment Corp.; Conquistador Entertainment; Consortium Entertainment; Constantin Film; Constantin Film Development, Inc.; Contemporary Talent Partners (CTP); Content & Pressman Films; Content House; Content Media Corporation; Content Partners; Contentfilm; Contentfilm (LA); Contentfilm (London); Contento Pictures; Continental Entertainment Group; Contrafilm; Converge Media Group; Convergent Media; Conversation Company, Ltd., The; Conway van Gelder Grant; Cookie Jar Entertainment; Cookie Jar Entertainment (LA); Cooper Company, The; Cooper's Town Productions; Copperheart Entertainment; Core, The; Corner of the Sky Entertainment; Corner Store Entertainment; Cornerstone Literary, Inc.; Cornerstone Management; Corniche Pictures; Coronel Group; Coronet Films; Corymore Productions; Cossette Productions; Course Management; Court Five; Covert Media; Cowboy Films; CP Productions; CPC Entertainment; CPM Creative; Crackle; Craig Anderson Productions; Craig Wyckoff & Associates; Crave Films; Craven Corner Enterprises; Crazydreams Entertainment; CRC Entertainment; Cre8tive Works; Cream Productions; Creanspeak Productions, LLC; Create Entertainment; Created By; Creation Film and Television; Creative Artists Agency; Creative Artists Management; Creative Associates Limited; Creative Capers Entertainment; Creative Content Management; Creative Convergence; Creative Enterprises Management; Creative Entertainment Group; Creative Haven Entertainment; Creative Management Group, LLC; Creative Projects Group; Creative Rebellion; Creative Visions; CreativeWorks Entertainment; Creativity Media; Creature Entertainment; Crest Animation Productions; Crime Scene Pictures; Crimson Forest Entertainment Group; Crispy Films; Criterion Group, The; Cross Creek Pictures; CRPI Entertainment; Crucial Pictures; Crumbley Productions; Cruqui Cracker Productions; Crybaby Media; Crystal Lake Entertainment; Crystal Lake Entertainment, Inc.; Crystal Sky Pictures; Crystal Sky Pictures, LLC; Crystal Spring Productions; CSM Communications; CSP Mangement; C-Station; CTI Artists Management; Ctonic Flikz; Cuatro Plus Films; CubeVision; Cue Agency; Cufflink Productions; Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (CESD); Curb Entertainment; Curious Pictures; Curtis Brown Group; Curtis Brown, Ltd.; Cutting Edge Film and TV; Cutting Edge Group; Cutwater Media; Cyan Pictures; Cyfuno Ventures; Cylence; Cynce Media; Cypress Films; Cypress Films, Inc.; Cypress Point Productions; D Films; D Street Pictures; D&E Entertainment; D. Petrie Productions, Inc.; DAA Management; Dade/Schultz Associates; Dahlia Street Films; Dakota Pictures; Damage Inc.; Damn Good Entertainment; Dan Curtis Productions; Dan Films; Dan Lupovitz Productions; Dan Wigutow Productions; Daniel Hoff Agency; Daniel L. Paulson Productions; Daniel Ostroff Productions; Daniel Petrie Jr. & Company; Daniel Sladek Entertainment Corporation; Danika Productions; Dare Films Ltd.; Dare To Pass; Darius Films Incorporated; Dark Arts; Dark Cloud Studios; Dark Fiber; Dark Horse Entertainment; Dark Matter Productions; Dark Sky Films; Dark Trick Films; Darko Entertainment; Darlow Smithson Productions; Darren Star Productions; Daryl Prince Productions; Das Films; Das Imperium; Dave Bell Associates; David Eick Productions; David Foster Productions; David Kirschner Productions; David Ladd Films; David Shapira & Associates (DSA); Davis Entertainment Company; Davis Entertainment Filmworks; Daybreak Pictures; DBM Films; DCI-Los Angeles; DCM Productions; DDO Artists Agency; De Line Pictures; Dead Rabbit Films; Death of A Good Man; Decoy Collective; Dee Mura Enterprises Inc.; Deed Films; Deepa Mehta Films; DeerJen Films; Defining Artists Agency; Degenkolb Entertainment; Deiter Literary Agency, The; DeJ Management Company; Delaware Pictures; Delight Films Ltd; Delphinius Talent Management; Delve Films; Demarest Films; Dennis O'Neill Productions; Denver and Delilah Films; Denver and Delilah Films (Charlize Theron); Derby Street Films; Derek Power Company, Inc., The; Desert Wind Studio; Desert Wolf Productions; Destined Media; Destiny Pictures; Devan Clan Productions; Devere Films; Deviant/Bedlam Films; Dev-O-Ron Pictures, LLC; Dewalt & Muzik Management; Dex Entertainment; DGF Worldwide Entertainment Group, LLC; DGW Films; Di Bona Productions, Vin; Di Bonaventura Pictures; Di Bonaventura Pictures, Inc.; Di Novi Pictures; Diablo Entertainment; Diamondz N Da Ruff; Dick Clark Productions; Different Duck Films; Difi Films; Digi Distribution; Digital Artists Agency (DAA); Digital Domain; Digital Flamingo; Digital Jungle Pictures; Digital Launch; Digital Media Rights; Digital Ranch Productions; Dimension Blue; Dimension Films; Dinamo Entertainment; Dino De Laurentiis Company; Directions, Inc.; Dirty Martini; Dirty Rice; Discover Management; Distant Horizon (LA); Diversa Films; Diverse Entertainment; Diverse Talent Group, Inc.; Divide Pictures; Dividing Line Entertainment; Divine Management; DKZ Films; DLT Entertainment; DM Productions; D-Mented Entertainment, LLC; DNA Films; Dobre Films; Dodie Gold Management, Inc.; Dog and Pony Productions; Dogakobo; Dolce Vita Productions; Dolger Films; Dolores Robinson Entertainment; Dolphin Entertainment; Domain Pictures; Don Buchwald & Associates; Don Buchwald & Associates (LA); Don Buchwald & Associates (NY); Don Carmody Productions; Don Carroll Entertainment; Don Klein Management Group, Inc.; Donen/Raimi Company; Donners' Company, The; Doomed Productions; Door 24 Entertainment; Do-Over Productions; Dore Management, Bonny; Dorfman Management, Rick; Dorit Simone Management & Productions; Dos Dudes Pictures; Double 4 Studios; Double E Pictures; Double Eagle Entertainment; Double Edge Films; Double Entente Films; Double Feature Films; Double Feature Films (Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher); Double Nickel Entertainment; Double Nickel Entertainment (NY); Douglas Management Group; Downey/Todoroff Productions; Downright Digital Productions; Drafthouse Films; Drama 3/4 Productions; Drama Republic; DRC Productions; Dream City Films; Dream Entertainment; Dream Journey Studios; Dream Media Pty Limited; Dreambear Productions; Dreambridge Films; Dreamfly Productions; Dreamgrifter Productions; Dreamquest Entertainment; Dreamreal Pictures; Dreamrunner Pictures; Dreamworks Animation SKG; Dreamworks SKG; Dreamworks Studios; Dreamworks Television; Dreyfuss/James Productions; Driven Entertainment; Driver Seat Productions; Drunken Angel Entertainment; Dryer Productions, Fred; DTE Films; Duck Soup Studios; Ducks In A Row Entertainment; Duffy Square Productions; Duke Media; Duly Noted Inc.; Duly Noted, Inc.; DumbDumb; Dune Entertainment LP; Dunlop Entertainment; Dunsdon Entertainment; Duplass Brothers Productions; Dutch Tilt Film; Dutchmen Films; Dutiful Films; Dylan Sellers Productions; Dynamic Television; Dynamite Entertainment; E1 Entertainment; E1 Entertainment (Canada); E1 Entertainment Distribution; E1 Films Canada; Eagle Nation Films; Ealing Studios; Earl Shank; Ears XXI; Earthbourne Films; Earthworks Films; East of Doheny/Lexington Road Productions; Eastern; Eastwood Talent Corporation; Easy Tiger Productions; EasyAction Group; Ebony Egg Productions; Ebony I Management; ECG Productions; Echelon Entertainment; Echelon Studios; Echo Lake Entertainment; Echowolf Productions; Eclectic Pictures; Eclectik Vision; Eclusive Media; ECO Films; Ecosse Films; Ecstasy Film; Eddie Kritzer Productions; Eden Rock Media; Eden Rock Media, Inc.; Edge of LA Productions; Edgen Films; Edko Films Ltd.; Edmonds Entertainment; Edna Cowan Management; Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation; Edward S. Feldman Company; Edward Saxon Productions (ESP); Edwards Productions, Ralph; Edwards Skerbelis Entertainment; EFish Entertainment; EFO Films; Egoli Tossell Film; Eighth Square Entertainment; EK Films; EK Management; El Dorado Pictures; El Rey Network; Elaine Ridings; Electric City Entertainment; Electric Entertainment; Electric Farm Entertainment; Electric Shepherd Productions; Element Pictures; Elements Entertainment; Elephant Eye Films; Elev8; Elevate Entertainment; Elevation Filmworks; Elevation Pictures; Eleven Films; Eleventh Hour Films; Elixir Films; Elizabeth Fowler Management; Elkhorn Entertainment; Elkins Entertainment; Elkins Entertainment Corporation; Elsboy Management; Elysian Entertainment, Inc.; EM Media; Emancipated Talent Management & Consulting; Embargo Films; Embassy Row; Embassy Row LLC; Emby Eye; Emerald City Productions, Inc.; Emerald Oceans Media Group; Emerald Talent Group; Emergence Entertainment; Emerging Networks; Eminent Production; Emission Control Management; 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Script Marketplace

Hollywood can't come knocking on your door if they don't know where you live, so set up home in our Script Marketplace, it's open 24/7. We know there’s nothing harder than trying to get your screenplay into the hands that matter: the studios, production companies, agents and industry execs that can make things happen for you. You know your screenplay is good, if only you could get someone to read it!! Very few people in town will look at an unsolicted screenplay i.e. a screenplay that has been sent by the writer themselves and not through an agent/manager or producer.

Submit your logline (pitch), synopsis and, if you choose, the first ten pages of your screenplay to our online Script Marketplace and let everyone come to you. We only allow industry professionals to access our Script Marketplace. Once inside, they browse by selected genre through the loglines & synopses on offer, and request your screenplay directly from you or your agent. The choice is yours. This allows you to keep track of who is requesting your work and ensure that your material is sent out in a timely and professional manner.

Example Script Marketplace Listing       Example Script Marketplace Search Form


Writer's Rolodex

If you've ever wanted your own private rolodex with all the numbers in Hollywood that matter, it's here. With contact details for 5,467 production companies, independent producers, literary agencies, managers and studios, plus the pro-active 'My Contacts' feature.

'My Contacts' is a unique feature that will truly turn this into your own private Hollywood Rolodex. Now, every time you send a query, make a contact and/or send your script out, you can add that information to your 'My Contacts' section with the press of a button and keep tabs on your writing career. You can also add notes about who requested your script, when to follow up and any other useful info that will keep you on track. It's both private and personal.


Promotion FREE!

If you submit your screenplay for coverage and/or development notes and you receive a “consider” grade from our professional readers, then we will place your screenplay in our online Script Marketplace for six months and add one Script Express, email marketing campaign, free of charge. The "consider" grade will be placed alongside your screenplay title and acts as a signpost to the visiting Hollywood executive.

If you receive a "recommend" grade, then not only do we offer our online Script Marketplace free for six months, but we also add two Script Express email marketing campaigns for your work.

Coverage Report

A coverage report is a tool used by the Hollywood executive to determine which scripts they will read and has the power to generate a "yes" or "no". The problem is, you'll never see that coverage report. It doesn't leave the Hollywood executive's desk and you're left wondering why your script didn't make it through. Don't take that risk and blow your chance. Why not see what your coverage report will look like first? Hollywood doesn't read a script twice!

Our professional readers have worked for the top studios, agencies and producers in Hollywood. We assign your screenplay to a personal reader who will provide analysis and generate a coverage report. A coverage report consists of a logline (your story in a nutshell), a synopsis, which details the events of your story from beginning to end, and analysis where the reader describes what worked, what didn't and the final grade: Recommend, Consider or Pass.

Any material that enters the Hollywood system gets tracked and if one major studio or producer passes, the negative feedback can spread like a ripple on a pond and your work is soon dead all over town. Don't give them a chance to say "no", hit them with your best possible work, the first time.

Your coverage report is private, no-one else will ever see it. We e-mail it directly to you. Our turnaround time for coverage is 10-12 business days.

If you order a Coverage Report online, we can accept your screenplay via email in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Rich Text, Plain Text, Final Draft, Scriptware or Movie Magic Screenwriter format.

Click here for a sample coverage report (in Adobe Acrobat Format).

Proofreading Notes

Don't submit a screenplay until it's ready to be seen! Let us be your second set of eyes. We'll do a careful review of your work to get it ready to submit to the industry at large. We will catch your spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. This will ensure that you present a polished, professional screenplay to potential buyers.

Any material that enters the Hollywood system gets tracked and if one major studio or producer passes, the negative feedback can spread like a ripple on a pond and your work is soon dead all over town. Don't give them a chance to say "no", hit them with your best possible work, the first time.

Your proofreading notes are private, no-one else will ever see them. We email them directly to you. Our turnaround time for proofreading notes is 10-12 business days.

If you order Proofreading Notes online, we can accept your screenplay via email in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Rich Text, Plain Text, Final Draft, Scriptware or Movie Magic Screenwriter format.

Story Development Notes

Studio style development notes are approximately five to eight (5-8) pages long and address the main elements of your work. These notes are incisive and supportive. They offer constructive criticism and in-depth analysis, including: identifying and analyzing story problems, story logic, character development and structural concerns. If you don't want to waste any time in getting your screenplay ready for Hollywood, cut right to the chase and get these - you'll find them invaluable. These notes are private, no-one will ever see them. The notes are e-mailed directly to you.

Make sure your script is in top form. Don’t send it out into Hollywood until you’re absolutely sure it’s the best it can be. You only get one chance to make that first impression and convince the reader (Hollywood’s doorkeeper) or industry professional that this is the script they want to push forward. Studios and production companies can receive anywhere from 50 to 100 submissions and up per week, so your script has to be professional in order to stand a chance and well developed in order to stand out!

Competition in Hollywood is stiffer than ever and studios are becoming unwilling to nurture a project through development, ie they are insisting on screenplays that are camera ready. Do the work now and give your script the best advantage by using our development notes!

Treatment Notes

Are you thinking about writing a script, but you're not sure about the direction to take, the feasibility of your plot, or if your script will even be interesting to buyers once written? If you are, then this is the service for you. Don't waste valuable time, let us analyze your treatment and provide you with constructive feedback on the main elements: storyline, feasibility, marketability and point you in the right direction. These notes are a great timesaver and may even take you in a whole new and improved direction.

(A treatment is your story concept, plot, basic characters etc, normally laid out over 20-30 pages or less - a treatment can be registered with the WGA or United States Copyright Office - always protect your work!)

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