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  • Examples - Generic release forms, submission letters and more.

  • Columns - Advice from the front lines covering a variety of screenwriting topics, as well as columns on various film related topics.

  • Q&A Forums - Get advice from our professional script readers.

  • Interviews - Interviews with writers, actors and filmmakers.

  • News - The latest film news.

  • Books - Books to aid in the screenwriting process and other books that may be helpful in general.

  • Magazines/Periodicals - The magazines and periodicals you need to keep up on the craft and on the business of Hollywood.

  • Screenplay Sales - See what's selling, and to whom, in Hollywood. Page also has detailed reports that break sales out by genres.

  • Story Development Software - These programs are designed to help you organize your thoughts, separate you from your material and give you a different viewpoint, like any good writing coach.

  • Screenwriting Software - These programs ensure that your work is presented in the correct, industry standard format and organized within easy menus.

  • Proofreading - Don't submit a screenplay until it's ready to be seen! Let us be your second set of eyes. We'll do a careful review of your work to get it ready to submit to the industry at large. We will catch your spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. This will ensure that you present a polished, professional screenplay to potential buyers.

  • Supplies - Links to businesses that will help you get started with supplies and other necessities.

  • Glossary - Definitions of common screenwriting and film industry terms.

  • Links - If you haven't found it above, chances are you'll find it here. Useful links to film related sites!

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