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Pay With Credit Card Pay With Check/M.O.

* Discount You automatically qualify for the reduced price when you resubmit your work for development services, whether it's for the same service, or a different development service, you get the reduced price.

Coverage: $145 up to 140 pages
$115 up to 140 pages (Resubmission Discount)
$1.00 per page, over 140 pages

What is Coverage?

Proofreading Notes: $75 up to 140 pages
$1.00 per page, over 140 pages

What are Proofreading Notes?

Story Development Notes: $260 up to 140 pages
$230 up to 140 pages (Resubmission Discount)
$1.00 per page, over 140 pages

What are Story Development Notes?

Coverage plus Notes: $295 up to 140 pages
$265 up to 140 pages (Resubmission Discount)
$1.00 per page, over 140 page

Treatment Notes: $110 up to 30 pages
$90 up to 30 pages (Resubmission Discount)
$1.00 per page, over 30 pages

What are Treatment Notes?

Rush Service: Add $40 per service for a turnaround time of 7 business days from the date we receive your material. Our normal turnaround time is 10-12 business days.

Writer's Rolodex: $25 for a six month subscription

Additional Information

Script Express: Choose from the following:

Total Express:
$95 - Hit everyone with one e-query, 6,128 (current total) producers/studio executives and 3,623 (current total) agents/managers - a total of 9,751 submissions.

Producer Express:
$80 - Your e-query is sent to 6,128 (current total) producers/studio executives.

Agent Express:
$60 - Your e-query is sent to 3,623 (current total) agents/managers.

Query Editing Service:
$50 - We take you through two drafts of your query letter. Requires purchase of Total, Full, or Agent Express.

Script Marketplace: $40 per screenplay listing – valid for six months online listing. reserves the right to refuse any submission. has a no-refund policy and prices are subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that a project will eventually receive a consider or recommend grade from our readers, by using our story development notes service. Remember, it's all in the execution of your screenplay.
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