Rules & Regulations

The use of the online Script Marketplace is for registered members only and for the protection of everyone concerned, members may not lend out their username and password to others.

It is strongly suggested that you register your work with the Writer's Guild of America or United States Copyright Office, (or other recognized copyright organizations), before placing your work in the Script Marketplace, although this is not mandatory.

If an industry professional decides to look at a writer's script, they can contact the writer or writer's agent directly in order to receive a copy. This option is decided by the writer upon placing their work in the Script Marketplace.

The logline and synopsis may be reworked by the writer at any time throughout the posting in the Script Marketplace, but must relate directly to the original Material. The title is locked throughout the time of the posting and cannot be changed.

If receives complaints with regards to the poor quaility of a script, then reserves the right to remove the relevant script from the Script Marketplace. The writer will then be given the opportunity to rework the script if he/she wishes and relist it in the Script Marketplace for the remainder of time paid for.

The listing of pornographic scripts is strictly forbidden and the decision as to whether a script is pornographic is at the sole discretion of We will remove your script from the Script Marketplace and there will be no refund.

If a writer receives employment, a development deal, representation etc through or if their script is sold or optioned, then it is the writer's responsibility to inform via e-mail at

The logline and synopsis that you post, must be in regards to your own original Material ("Screenplay").

You must be at least (18) years of age and the sole owner and author of said Material. If you are not the sole author or owner, you must have permission from any other owner/s or coauthor/s before listing the Material.

The Material must be a complete work, in English, and in industry standard format.

The Material must be available i.e. it must not be under option, presently in production, or previously produced.

If the Material becomes unavailable (see above), during it's listing in the Script Marketplace, then it must be removed immediately from the Script Marketplace.

All information submitted for presentation on the Script Marketplace Material posting page, will be readily viewable by any and all of our registered industry professionals. does not provide any guarantee that our registered professionals are bone fide industry professionals. We check credentials in as much detail as we feel is possible, but cannot warrant as to the honesty, integrity or intention of any registered industry professional. reserves the right to announce any success stories through our online website,

If a writer violates these Rules & Regulations, we will view it as an action intended to destroy our trust and dependability with industry professionals and harmful to other writers who use the site and will, therefore, remove the writer's work from the Script Marketplace. There is no refund on work removed from the Script Marketplace for this violation. reserves the right to change these Rules & Regulations without notification.

I hereby state that I have read and understood this Agreement and that no oral representations of any kind have been made to me, and that this Agreement states our entire understanding.







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