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ABOUT US was founded by Paul Harvey as a direct result of his close contact with writers over his years in the film business. Writers had often expressed their disappointment and frustration in the current Hollywood system and other sites had not managed to provide them with as much feedback as they needed, or an extensive variety of services all under one roof. All this served to demonstrate that was an invaluable service that was past due.

Although other sites exist that offer writers coverage and development services and others yet that offer a means of selling a writer's work, Paul was keen to bring everything under one roof, where daily screening would take place and the integrity of the site would be maintained. does not take commission for any script or writer's work sold as a result of using this site - but feel free to write a Thank You note! is overseen by a dedicated workforce that has worked within Hollywood and the film business for years. Extensive research took place amongst writers and film executives in order to create this site and its supportive community. We hope you enjoy using it.

We want this site to work, and most importantly, work for you. Therefore, we are always interested to hear of any way in which we can improve our service and/or add new services that you would like to see offered. You are welcome to contact us to give us your thoughts.'s Principal:

Paul Harvey has been in the film business since 1996. He previously served as the President of Production for Original Voices, Inc, the company responsible for indie hits such as The Opposite of Sex and Big Night. During Paul's tenture, he supported and/or produced films such as Bruno, The Whole Shebang, and After School Special.'s Head of Development:

Robert Pawloski is an award-winning screenwriter and media professional hired to write and revise screenplays in various stages of development. Since 1996, he has evaluated or edited over 2000 screenplays for studios like New Regency and Polygram Films as well as established independent producers. Robert has written material for National Geographic Television, the US government and worked as a story editor for a European television network. He currently teaches screenwriting, film history and history of animation as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.

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