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“I got 39 script requests from producers in the 24 hours after my query went out from”

- Chuck H (Screenwriter)

“You'll be glad to know that I recently optioned a script of mine which had been queried via”

- Steve H. (screenwriter)

“I just wanted to thank you for your service. Because of it, I just signed with a management company in West Hollywood that secured one of their clients a major $$$ purchase for their screenplay. Now we're working on getting my screenplay in shape for submission to potential buyers. I'll definitely reccommend your services.”

- R.R. (Screenwriter)

“I have 2 managers working with me because of submitting through you guys. I also had a successful meeting with a pretty established film company who expressed interest in one of my scripts from submitting with you. I recommend your service to other writers and I will be using you again in the future!”

- J. G. (Screenwriter)

“I just wanted to thank you guys for your service. Since my first submission I have had a strong response to my script, as well as eleven requests to read my work. I have now had four requests from producers which have proceeded past the first stages of getting my work onto the screen. All of them are now thinking about optioning. Thank you so much. ”

- Andrew C. (Screenwriter)

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I tried your service and I recieved about ten calls from various managers, agents, production companies and producers. Three were from reputable managers in Beverly Hills. I met with a production company thanks to your service and after the meeting they said they wanted to finance one of my scripts. So, I must say that your reviews were correct in that I have gotten farther with your service in one week than I have trying to get agents and companies to look at my work in twenty years. I think is the best game in town.”

- Jill G. (Screenwriter)

“After using your Script Delivery service, a New York-based producer optioned my work!”

- K.E. (Screenwriter)

“I used your service and had fantastic results - 20+ requests for my script!”

- S.W. (Screenwriter)

“In the first two hours my script was posted, I received three requests for submission. By the end of the first week, I've sent six scripts out and am already in talks with a manager regarding representation! Thank you so much. I've already recommended the service to my friends. ”

- Brad P. (Screenwriter)

“I just wanted to let you know that I got representation via one of your manager contacts! A management company evaluated my comedy script, and they want to represent me. Thanks to your wonderful service, I now have a manager to represent me as a screenwriter! See you at the premiere!”

- Dexter W. (Screenwriter)

“I just wanted to let you know that I gained representation through your Script Delivery service. Thank you very much for furthering my screenwriting career. Because of your service my dream is coming true. Thank you.”

- Chaun D. (Screenwriter)

“Just want to thank you, your Script Delivery service is awesome. I've just found representation. ”

- M.I. (Screenwriter)

“I have ten screenplays currently being looked at by nine producers and one agent. I've experienced a great amount of activity I thought I would never experience thanks to your Script Delivery.”

- E.W. (Screenwriter)

“The same companies who wouldn't take my phone calls are requesting my work! Unbelievable!”

- Bill U. (Screenwriter)

“I'm getting a very invigorating response. Made my day. Thank you again for such a wonderful service.”

- Hamilton M. (Screenwriter)

“What a service so far. Looking forward to a long future with all of you. ”

- Edmund W. (Screenwriter)

“Guys, thanks to this service I have now gained top management and have three options and a Prod deal! I can't believe how you got me through to companies that would usually never look at my work. They loved the script and offers are coming in all over. Thanks. Best money I have ever spent in promoting my work.”

- Carl K. (screenwriter)

“I was skeptical, but I have to say the results speak for themselves. Sixteen requests for my screenplay in one day. Thanks a bunch!”

- Brian M. (Screenwriter)

“22 requests so far to read my script! They just keep coming in!”

- T.H. (Screenwriter)

“I am having excellent response from the mailout.”

- N.G. (Screenwriter)

“This is one of the best investments I've ever made. I'm through mailing letters to companies that throw them away. Your service got my script accepted into companies I would have never even thought possible!”

- Sheila R. (Screenwriter)

“In the first week after my query was sent, I received 20 requests to read my work from top companies. All I can say is WOW!”

- Tonya B. (Screenwriter)

“I've gotten farther in one day with your service than I've gotten in years sending letters through the mail... and it was cheaper too!”

- Laura D. (Screenwriter)

“Thanks for sending out my pitch! After just one day I had 14 requests for the script and 6 additional requests for a synopsis.”

- Tom P. (Screenwriter)

“Your service is amazing! I had 35 requests to read my screenplay!”

- J.S. (Screenwriter)

“Just want to say first we are very, very pleased with your service and the response to our first two queries! ”

- C.B. (Screenwriter)


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