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Title Genre Format
Back To The Future Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy Adobe Acrobat format
Bad Boys Thriller, Action, Crime, Comedy Adobe Acrobat format
Bad Santa Crime, Comedy, Dark Comedy Adobe Acrobat format
Badlands Thriller, Drama, Crime HTML Document
Barry Lyndon Action, Drama, Romance, Period HTML Document
Basic Instinct Thriller, Crime, Mystery HTML Document
Basquiat Drama HTML Document
Batman Thriller, Action, Crime, Fantasy HTML Document
Batman Begins Thriller, Action, Crime, Fantasy Adobe Acrobat format
Batman Forever Thriller, Action, Crime, Fantasy Adobe Acrobat format
Batman: Year One Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy HTML Document
Battle of Algiers Action, Drama, War HTML Document
Bean Comedy Text Format
Beavis and Butthead Do America Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Animation Word Document
Being John Malkovich Drama, Comedy, Fantasy HTML Document
Big Easy (1987), The Action, Drama, Crime, Romance, Mystery Adobe Acrobat format
Big Fish Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy Adobe Acrobat format
Big Lebowski, The Thriller, Comedy, Mystery Text Format
Birdesmaids (2011) Comedy, Romance Adobe Acrobat format
Blade Thriller, Action, Horror Text Format
Blade 2 Thriller, Action, Horror HTML Document
Blade Runner Action, Sci-Fi, Drama HTML Document
Blade: Trinity Thriller, Action, Horror, Fantasy Text Format
Blast From The Past Drama, Comedy, Romance HTML Document
Blood Simple Thriller, Drama Text Format
Bloodwork Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery Adobe Acrobat format
Blow Drama, Crime HTML Document
Blue Velvet Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery Text Format
Blues Brothers, The Action, Comedy, Musical Adobe Acrobat format
Boiler Room Thriller, Drama, Crime Text Format
Bonnie and Clyde Drama, Crime, Romance Text Format
Boogie Nights Drama Text Format
Bottle Rocket Crime, Comedy, Romance HTML Document
Bound Thriller, Crime Text Format
Braveheart Action, Drama, Period, War Word Document
Bridges of Madison County, The Drama, Romance HTML Document
Bringing Out The Dead Drama HTML Document
Broadcast News Drama, Comedy, Romance HTML Document
Brokeback Mountain Drama, Romance, Western Adobe Acrobat format
Bruce Almighty Family, Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Romance Adobe Acrobat format
Bull Durham Drama, Comedy, Romance, Sports Text Format
Burn After Reading Crime, Comedy Adobe Acrobat format

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