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  • Creative Screenwriting: Screenwriter reviews, script reviews and more

  • Daily Variety: Daily Variety puts you on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry, giving you day-to-day breaking news on deals and hits (and misses). Weekly Variety delivers unmatched, in-depth analysis of film, television and cable, home video, music, new media, theater, and finance industries around the world

  • Empire Magazine: The original and best UK movie magazine. For over 10 years Empire has been delighting, informing and amusing readers with it's exclusive stories, insider knowledge and brilliant writing. There's nothing about film that you won't know by reading Empire; it's everything a film fan could hope for and more

  • Entertainment Weekly: Entertainment Weekly is one of the leading entertainment magazines about pop culture, presenting some of the best news, reviews, commentary, and about every aspect of entertainment

  • Movie Maker: Moviemaker magazine is your premier source for general moviemaking. With regular features covering editing, cinematography, directing and screenwriting, this magazine is a good choice for those looking to learn about the entire craft of filmmaking

  • Movieline: Get up close and personal with celebs and enjoy a wealth of movie reviews in this media magazine

  • Sci-Fi Magazine: The ENTIRE world of science fiction, from TV and films to books, games, Web sites and more. In-depth features, behind-the-scenes exclusives and revealing interviews. Unprecedented access to SCI FI Channel shows, movies and miniseries, and much, much more! Not just SCI FI, but all science fiction

  • Scr(i)pt: Script magazine is a bimonthly publication that examines the film industry through the eyes of the screenwriter. The magazine serves as both a resource for the craft of screenwriting and source of inspiration from professionals in the field. We have featured interviews with such talented screenwriters as: Ron Bass, Frank Darabont, Robert Duvall, Randall Wallace, Les and Glen Charles, and Richard LaGravenese. Each issue of script offers writers information about writing, marketing and selling screenplays throughout the industry. Having been established in the industry for 11 years, scr(i)pt magazine offers writers the edge they need to break into the screenwriting community.Screenwriter reviews, script reviews and more

  • SCREENTALK: SCREENTALK is devoted entirely to filmmaking from the screenwriter's POV and takes a global view on the craft and practice of TV & feature writing. Each bimonthly, 80-page issue offers articles about writing, marketing, selling screenplays, columns and up-to-date, in-depth interviews with accomplished screenwriters.

  • The Hollywood Reporter: There's no business like show business, and The Hollywood Reporter shows you why. For more than 70 years, it's been the trade publication of choice for industry professionals of all kinds. From movies to TV, home video to digital media, nobody takes you further inside the business of entertainm

  • Vanity Fair: Nobody knows more about star power. With celebrated writers like Dominick Dunne and Gail Sheehy, and award-winning photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts, Vanity Fair brings you access to people, personalities, and power like no other magazine

  • Written By: Written By is the official publication of the WGAw--the premier magazine written by and for TV and film writers. Written By provides a unique look into the art, craft and business of writing in Hollywood

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