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  • Abbot Screenplay Representation: Our mission is simple: To provide high quality film and television Screenplays to Producers and Production Companies in the New York City and Los Angeles markets. In many cases, our coverages will be forwarded onto our writers free of cost, so they understand what our readers feel works / does not work with their Screenplay.

  • Chris Soth's Million-Dollar Screenwriting!: Let Chris Soth teach you his Mini-Movie Method of writing sequences and finish your million dollar screenplay this year!

  • This site contains many free articles on film script writing, plus a lively interactive forum.

  • Final Draft: Professional tools for the creative writer. Download demos and updates

  • Hollywood Scriptwriter: Interviews and articles on the craft and business of screenwriting for film and television....

  • Movie Jigsaw: Where ideas meet screenwriters to create unique industry standard screenplays. Producers, Directors and Investors welcome... We also provide script coverage, story analysis, formatting correction along with synopsis/logline and treatment creation services.

  • Movie Outline Software: Screenplay Outlining Software for simple story planning, easy scene reorganization and simultaneous reference to successful movies of all genres.

  • Scr(i)pt Magazine: Script magazine: Since 1989, Script magazine has been the leading source of information on writing and selling your screenplay. The web site features over 400 FREE articles on screenwriting, plus more are added every month. Each issue of the print magazine features articles written by screenwriters with films currently in theaters as well as comprehensive coverage of the craft and business of writing for film.

  • Screenplay Systems: Tools and resources for screenwriting, story development and outlining. Home of Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, StoryView and Dramatica Pro software

  • ScreenWriting Productions: Screenwriting begins with the very first word. Post a free logline, submit your screenplay to production companies or agents looking for scripts. Browse the job section, upcoming writing workshops or conferences.

  • Script Delivery: Script Delivery - helping you market and sell your screenplay to Hollywood!

  • Script Delivery on MySpace: Script Delivery's page on MySpace.

  • Script Werx: Customizes Microsoft Word into a versatile tool kit for crafting film and video scripts

  • Want to win contests and sell scripts? You need professional level screenwriting skills. offers high level classes on High Concepts, Subtext, Creating Characters for A-List Actors and others. Also, articles and interviews with producers, managers, etc.

  • Scriptware: Scriptwriting software for writing scripts faster and easier than ever

  • SellAScript on MySpace:'s MySpace page.

  • Do you need to: Write a screenplay from scratch, finish that first draft, polish your screenplay, or sell your masterpiece? We've got all the tools and resources you're going to need. So You Wanna Sell A Script is unique because we offer everything under one roof.

  • SimplyScripts: Read movie scripts and screenplays online.

  • Syd Field, Hollywood's screenwriting authority, offers free email, message forums and chat rooms through and its companion site,

  • The Scriptportal: Screenwriter's site which lists hundreds of links to sites related to every aspect of screenplay writing.

  • Unknown Screenwriter: High traffic screenwriting blog by a professional screenwriter.

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