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A lot of writers forget the single most important purpose of a query letter:
To intrigue the executive to the point of requesting your screenplay.
That's it, nothing else.

Tip One:

Length. The shorter the query letter, often the better the response. A busy executive is going to see quite a few queries in his/her busy day. Their finger will be tempted to reach for the delete button, if anything looks too long. Grab their interest, intrigue them, say goodbye and leave them wanting more. The more is going to translate into a request for your screenplay.

Tip Two:

Logline. This should be brief and catchy, allowing the executive to see the whole movie in one brief flash.

Tip Three:

Synopsis. Once again keep this concise, because you're not trying to describe the screenplay from beginning to end. Why request the screenplay if you've just read the whole story here?

Tip Four:

Writer information. Nobody wants to know about the competitions you've entered or how many drafts this screenplay has been through. We're talking cold hard facts here - have you won anything, been placed, optioned anything lately or not? Put it in if you have, leave it out if you haven't.

Tip Five:

Get creative in your letter without being cheesy or just plain weird. This query letter will be the first writing example that the executive will see, so it should represent you in a suitable fashion.

Tip Six:

Don't get bossy or tell the executive his/her job. The executives really don't care who you think could play the lead or how much the movie will cost. Leave these decisions to others.

Tip Seven:

Don't include a catch phrase attached to your signature. This is a professional business letter that you're sending, albeit by e-mail. Leave these catch phrases for your personal e-mail.


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