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Will I lose my information once my subscription to the contacts database runs out?

No. Your saved contacts and notes on those contacts will always remain on our site, linked to your customer number and viewable only by you. When you purchase another Script Delivery your existing saved contacts and any additional notes on those contacts will already be in your 'MY SAVED COMPANIES' section.

How do I add a company to 'MY SAVED COMPANIES'?

To add a company to your "MY SAVED COMPANIES" section, you must go to the "PRODUCTION COMPANY", "LITERARY AGENCY", or "LITERARY MANAGEMENT COMPANY" sections. Find the company you wish to add and, under its contact details, click the button marked "ADD TO MY SAVED COMPANIES".

How do I access the Contact Database that came with my order?

You can access the Contact Database through your MY ACCOUNT page.

Is there an industry standard for scripts?

Yes, and Hollywood adheres strictly to its rules on this matter. If your script doesn't look right, it will set off warning bells (amateur!) - you don't want to do that.

1. Use courier font in size 12.

2. Keep your script between 100 and 120 pages.

3. Print it out on good quality, plain white paper.

4. Use two strong brads and fasteners to secure it.

5. No gimmicks, no colored paper, no pictures.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Discover.

How can I contact you?

You can visit our contact page for a variety of ways to get ahold of us.

Do you take any commission from scripts that are sold using your services?

No. There are no hidden charges - it's as simple as that.

Why don't you have a membership policy/fee?

Our site maintains an open door policy, whereby an individual need only pay for a service on a per use basis. The site is designed to provide maximum information with minimal outlay and in fact, most of our information is absolutely free.

Why don't the links work on your site?

Many of the links on the site will open in a second window. If you have popup stopper software installed, this will prevent our site from opening links in the second window. Disable the popup software and the links will work just fine.

Do you only work with writers from the United States?

No, we work with writers from any country.

What will the subject header say?

Our subject headers get right to the point - "Query - screenplay title". If your screenplay is called Logan's Revenge it will read - "Query - Logan's Revenge".

When does my e-query go out?

Depending on when you submit your query to us, USA Pacific Coast time, your query will go out within 24 - 48 hrs at most. The time period could be increased depending upon the number of existing Script Delivery orders waiting to be sent.

When can I expect to receive a response?

Depending on the strength of your query letter you could be receiving responses within hours, it depends on the individual responding. You could still be receiving responses from one-two weeks later.

Do you have an example e-query I can look at?

Yes. Look at our example e-query here.

Should I attach my screenplay to my e-query?

No. Never attach your screenplay to your e-query. An e-query is a request to an industry professional to consider reading your screenplay. To attach it at this stage would seem naïve and unprofessional.

Should my screenplay be completed before I send an e-query?

Yes. Writers cannot just e-query a pitch or idea. There must be a completed script available upon an industry professional's request.

Can I change my e-query once I have submitted it?

Yes. We advise you to spell check and proof read your e-query carefully before submitting it, preferably by having it ready in another word processing package and then cutting and pasting it into the e-query submission. There is a window of time, once your e-query has been submitted and before it is sent out, whereby you can request changes to be made, or you can request to see a proof of your query letter before it is sent.

Is there a certain format the screenplay has to be in?

Yes. The screenplay must be in standard industry format. If you are unsure about this aspect, take the time to read books or invest in software that can solve the problem of formatting easily. It's important to make sure that your screenplay is ready before you submit an e-query, so that you are able to deal with any requests within a positive amount of time.

Can you guarantee that my screenplay will be requested using your Script Delivery?

No. Although we wish it were possible, not every writer will sell or option their screenplay by using Script Delivery. On average, approx 80,000-100,000 scripts are written in the USA alone each year and only a fraction of those make it through to be considered for production and an even smaller fraction to the big screen. We're offering you exposure to real industry executives and professionals and the chance to put your best material forward, the rest is up to you and your screenplay.

Can you guarantee that my e-query will be read?

We cannot force any industry professional, whilst accessing their own e-mail account to read an e-query, nor can we force them to request your screenplay. Who knows what will inspire anyone on any given day. We can only guarantee that your e-query will be sent to valid industry professionals, the rest is up to the individual executive and your e-query itself.

I'm unsure about sending my logline and synopsis by e-query, what if someone steals my ideas?

Always protect your material, by registering it with the WGA or any other recognized copyright protection organization. Apart from that, you have to push your material out there in order to get it read, in order to get it sold. Incidents of screenplay theft in Hollywood are actually extremely rare, producers and studios don't want the hassle of lawsuits to contend with and would rather option a screenplay legitimately. Don't forget, all you send is a logline and synopsis, not the screenplay itself. You only give away as much information as you feel comfortable with.

Can I see who has received my e-query?

Yes. Once your e-query has been sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail listing all the recipient companies. We do not give out individual names or e-mail addresses, in order to protect the privacy of each recipient.

How do you verify the credentials of any industry professional who receives my e-query through Script Delivery?

We use respected industry sources and our own personal database in order to verify information for each recipient. We cannot guarantee the scruples and good business practice of any industry professional and we, therefore, always recommend that you protect your material and only send your screenplay to those that meet your own criteria and pass your own credential check list. Decide which risks are acceptable to you and which channels are worth pursuing.

How easy is it to send my e-query through Script Delivery?

We've made the whole process as quick and simple as possible and you will probably find it much easier than expected.

If I sell my screenplay through Script Delivery, do I have to pay you any commission?

No. It's your work, it's your money. Unlike other sites, we do not charge our writers any commission or hidden fees, on any of their screenplays sold, using our service.

Can I remove certain companies from my submission list?

You can exclude up to 50 companies from your submission list, just fill in the excluded companies box on your order form and we will remove the chosen companies from your submission list!

Why is my Script Delivery order delayed?

If your query does not go out within 48 hours after your order, that means that we are operating with a slight backlog. We can only send a limited number of queries per day so as not to overload our recipients. Your query will always be scheduled on the first available business day.

What should my e-query letter contain?

Your query letter should be informative but concise. You should include a logline (one to two lines at most), genre, brief synopsis (one paragraph) and a brief writing history if you legitimately have one e.g. first place in a notable screenwriting competition or two screenplays under option etc.

Writing a good query letter is an art in itself and will tell the person reading it a lot about you. Can you spell? Can you string a sentence together? Can you convey information in a concise manner? All of these are traits that a good screenwriter will possess.

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