Script Delivery - Bringing The Entertainment Industry To Your Doorstep!

Script Delivery is the marketing service preferred by serious screenwriters looking to sell their work and gain representation.

We will take your screenplay pitch and express it into the direct e-mail inboxes of several thousand industry professionals, comprising studios, production companies, independent producers, literary agents
and managers.

Your screenplay could be making the rounds in Hollywood tomorrow morning!

Soon you will be receiving direct requests from industry professionals for your screenplay. It's fast, easy and simple to use.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I tried your service and I recieved about ten calls from various managers, agents, production companies and producers. Three were from reputable managers in Beverly Hills. I met with a production company thanks to your service and after the meeting they said they wanted to finance one of my scripts. So, I must say that your reviews were correct in that I have gotten farther with your service in one week than I have trying to get agents and companies to look at my work in twenty years. I think is the best game in town.”
- Jill G. (Screenwriter)

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clues on how to write the best possible query letter.

Script Delivery is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get the largest audience for your work.

Use our service and get your screenplay in front of industry buyers and decision makers today!


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