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Improve and market your screenplays to industry
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Feedback from writers who've used our network

Just a note to tell you how fantastic ScriptExpress is. My last query generated 25 script requests, including major agencies and producers. Thanks for a wonderful service.

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Do you need to: Write a screenplay from scratch, finish that first draft, polish your screenplay, or sell your masterpiece?

We've got all the tools and resources you're going to need. is unique because we offer everything under one roof.

We have the largest selection of Writer's Resources available on the web. Check out our film news, production company listings, literary agency listings, literary management company listings, daily script sales, produced screenplays, screenplay competitions, screenwriting tips, and much more!

Script Express: Would you like to get requests directly from producers and agents for your screenplay? Would you like those requests to be delivered directly to your existing e-mail inbox? We do the work and you just sit back and wait for the requests to roll in. Our current mailing list is an industry best 9,751 contacts. No other e-query service comes close. Read More.

Writer's Rolodex: Access to contact information for 5,467 studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus manage your contacts and submissions with our exclusive My Contacts feature. It might just be what you're looking for. Read More.

Script Marketplace: List your logline and synopsis in our online marketplace, where Hollywood executives and agents can see your info firsthand. Read More.

Professional Coverage and Development Notes:
Remember that your script is your Hollywood calling card and you only get one chance to make that first impression, so don’t waste it!! Getting good coverage will ensure your script is ready to be taken seriously and can pass the Hollywood test. Read More.

Proofreading Notes:
Don't submit a screenplay until it's ready to be seen! Let us be your second set of eyes. We'll do a careful review of your work to get it ready to submit to the industry at large. We will catch your spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. This will ensure that you present a polished, professional screenplay to potential buyers. Read More.

Promotion: If you submit your screenplay for coverage and/or story development notes and you receive a “consider” or “recommend” grade from our professional readers, then we will place your info, logline and synopsis in our online Script Marketplace and we'll add one Script Express marketing campaign, free of charge . In addition, if you receive a "recommend" grade then we add two Script Express marketing campaigns free of charge.

Writers Resources: Anything and Everything for the screenwriter and their screenplay. Read More.

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